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Barry and Ric got their start as Benefit Auctioneers about fifteen years ago when a friend asked Barry, who has a background as an Art Auctioneer, if he would do their school auction. The auction was a success (we still do their auction!) and word spread. Barry was contacted by another school, then another, and so on.

Barry’s brother Ric joined in the auctioneering business and eventually formed his own company. Soon both brothers were full-fledged Benefit Auctioneers.  Recently, Barry and Ric merged their two companies, forming Cherwin Auctioneers, and that brings us to today.

Being a Benefit Auctioneer is quite different than being a Sotheby’s or a Christies Auctioneer, or auctioning real estate, cars, antiques, or estates.  It is a completely different oeuvre, requiring a very different set of skills. And Barry and Ric are the two best in the business. The only question (and the brothers disagree on the answer to this) is which brother is the best and which is second best. It is, both admit, a very close call.

As any Development Director, or anyone who has participated on a School Auction Committee will tell you, putting together and running an auction requires a lot of work. As experts in this field – they have written articles, conducted seminars, and done consultation work on the auction process – Barry and Ric can help you run your auction from beginning to end. They can guide you on formation of committees, help determine what items should be live and what silent, help order the items for sale, give pointers on check-in and check-out, help you raise monies separate and apart from the auction, even, if you wish, supply you with items for auction. In short, Cherwin and Cherwin can keep you pointed in the right direction. Conducting the actual auction is only part of what they do.

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A little bit more...

Barry is the former president of two art auction companies: Artinvest, Inc, and You Gotta Have Art, Inc, where he functioned as chief auctioneer for 15 years. He is a past president of the New York City Auctioneers Association, a former "NYC Bid Calling Champion", and "NYC Auctioneer of the Year".
Ric, known as "The Singing Auctioneer", is also a music producer, composer, performing and recording artist, practicing psychotherapist and attorney - all of which have contributed to a style and presence unlike any other in the auction world.

The brothers have conducted auctions in almost every state in the country, auctioning everything from movie roles to vacations in Europe and Asia to hot air balloon rides. 

It is not uncommon for either of them to follow on the heels of a Sotheby's or a Christie’s auctioneer and literally double or even triple the amount of monies raised for the sponsoring organization.
Both have at times achieved five and ten times the expected price of items they’ve been asked to auction. Each has stepped out of the auction format to successfully solicit straight donations of $100,000 and more. Each has worked alongside countless major celebrities on the auction stage: bantering, entertaining, sometimes tugging at heartstrings, and always stimulating audience participation and enthusiastic bidding.
Barry has led numerous seminars and webinars on how to best achieve maximum results at Benefit Auctions, and has been a frequent guest on television and radio discussing specific auctions and the auction process in general. He once auctioned a tie he was wearing for $1,000; he auctioned twelve cans of tuna fish for $520; a photograph before it was even taken for $30,000; and a dinner party for ten for $50,000. He once garnered $2,600 for a $100 bill, and on April 4th, 2009 achieved $7,800 for two months use of a parking space!  
Ric has given auction tips, conducted a mock auction, and delivered the weather report (in auctioneer fashion) on "Good Day New York". He's auctioned days with, among many others, Oprah Winfrey and Joe Torre, and lunch and a round of golf with Rudy Giuliani. He once auctioned absolutely nothing for $1,500!
Each is known for his energy, humor and warmth. Each is fun and exciting and knows how to solicit bids in a quick, novel and entertaining way. They can inspire an audience, and people enjoy spending money at their auctions; novice buyers don't feel threatened and more experienced auction-goers find them a breath of fresh air. Simply put, Cherwin and Cherwin know how to raise money.

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